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Whatever your beliefs about angels, archangels, religion, God, the spiritual world; and your place in it.... Welcome!

This website offers you information on cosmic & guided meditation, Psychic readings, angels, archangels, religions, spiritual and new age beliefs and practices. Articles on beliefs, books, courses, self-development. A place to help you attain personal and spiritual enlightenment.

This spiritual site is a meeting place, a forum, an enlightening centre and a source of spiritual education for people to share their spiritual beliefs, thoughts, and offer self reliance for the following people who are in pain. For people who want to know the truth behind religion.

  • For people who want to connect to God; light; the creative energy.
  • For all the lost children's souls who didn't get the love and affection a child so dearly wants and needs.
  • For all the people who were abused as children.
  • For all those parents today that simply don't understand that they have children who are craving their love and attention; but fail to see it, leaving their children with the belief that they don't deserve love, and opening them to the emotional trauma of not feeling loved.
  • For all the people who are in emotional pain and feel they have no-one to turn to or believe in.
  • For all the people who have no religion; yet are still searching for a new belief.For all the people that have forgone, or doubt their spiritual beliefs or their religion.

Latest testimonial...

Kabbalah Soul Analysis Reading - The kabbalah reading came at the right time for me.  I am at the point of wanting to know myself and my soul. This reading is providing me with the knowledge and guidance to understand and take action for myself. I am ingesting it slowly (so to speak) since it is so comprehensive. For me, I read the material in its entirety several times to get a base understanding of what it comprised. At the present, I am working on my first learning task. Also, It was delightful to read about the meaning of my name and birthdate! I find this reading to be a great gift; an instruction manual to live by. As in everything, if it feels right...... IT IS!

Susan G - NY - USA

Archangel Channelled Insight Reading - Hi Jill, Massive thank you for my reading just got round to reading it this afternoon. Words can't really explain how grateful I am for it was exactly what I needed to hear. Lots of love and blessings for you and the family :-) X

M. Hoffman - Inverness - Scotland

Out Now...

archangel michael crystal attunement Archangel Michael's Crystal Attunement Guided Meditation.

In this wonderful meditation, Archangel Michael communicates how to connect fully with him, by showing you how to attune your crystal to his energies. By attuning your crystal in this way, it will hold the programme which enables you to communicate with him. Whenever you feel afraid, whenever you are unsure of what to do next, whenever you wish to invoke his protection or healing; by simply holding your crystal, you will be able to feel his presence. You will also experience uplifting and healing energies within a beautiful rainbow prism of light, connecting with Archangel Michael's army of angels. His healing powers working through each chakra; charging, balancing and resonating the energy throughout your entire body.

This meditation allows you to feel a profound oneness with Archangel Michael. To feel and connect with his kindness, compassion and his strength. This is a truely unique meditation, not to be missed.

Available as a hard copy CD or instant downloadable mp3 version.

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